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Salah (dancer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Salah "Entertainer" Benlemqawanssa (born June 28, 1979), also known as Spider Salah, is an award-winning competitive hip-hop dancer from France 

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Arabs Got Talent -Salah Entertainer- عرض النهائيات  

Arabs Got Talent -Salah The Entertainer- عرض النصف ...

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    شاهد الحلقات الكاملة على شاهد.نت http:///media/program/169/Arabs_Got_Talent Arabs Got Talent ..

arab's got talent "salah Entertainer" المغرب الجزائر 2015 ...

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    فديو للبطل المشترك في برنامج arabs got talent " 2015" الملقب بsalah entertainer ، لمعلوماتكم فقد فاز صلاح ببرنامج " france got ..
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- Salah Entertainer- عرض النهائيات

  1. 08‏/03‏/2015 - كويتي "يتحرش"بـ نجوى كرم في المطار..وشجار مع حارسها الشخصي · حصريا لـET.. أحمد حلمي يكشف عن مفاجأة جديدة ...

Salah (dancer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ترجم هذه الصفحة
    Salah "Entertainer" Benlemqawanssa (born June 28, 1979), also known as Spider Salah, is an award-winning competitive hip-hop dancer from France who won  ...

Salah Entertainer | Facebook

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    Save Changes. People. 19,281 likes. About. Page officielle du danseurSalah Entertainer. Photos. 'ONE OF MY BEST MOMENT IN MY VENU IN MOROCCO.ترجم هذه الصفحة

Salah Entertainer | Facebook

  1. Arabs Got Talent - عرض النصف نهائيات - Salah Entertainer. عرب قوت تالينت الموسم الرابع حلقة النصف النهائيات الحلقة الثامنة من برنامج المواهب عرب غوت تالنت ...

المغربي“Salah Entertainer” يحصد لقب Arabs Got Talent

  1. 08‏/03‏/2015 - حصد“Salah Entertainer” من المغرب النسبة الأعلى من تصويت الجمهور المتابع لبرنامج المواهب Arabs Got Talent، حيث اختار الجمهور موهبة اللياقة ...

 - الجزائري المغربي Salah Entertainer يحصد لقب  

  1. 08‏/03‏/2015 - لكن كان الحظ الأكبر للمتاسبق الجزائري المغربي "صلاح" الملقب بـ "Salah Entertainer "الذي توج باللقب بعدما أبهر لجنة التحكيم والجمهور بعروضه ...

المغربي صلاح - Entertainer يفوز بلقب Arabs Got Talent

  1. 07‏/03‏/2015 - فاز المتسابق المغربي Salah Entertainer ، بلقب 'أراب جوت تالنت - Arabs Got Talent ' للموسم الرابع، الذي عرض عبر شاشة ' mbc ' و'مصر mbc '، بعد ...

smokers monkeys are awesome サルの喫煙者素晴らしい

smokers monkeys are awesome サルの喫煙者素晴らしい

J'ai créé cette vidéo à l'aide de l'application de montage de vidéos YouTube ( de montage YouTube,Monkey (Animal),Montage (Film Genre),Animal (Film Genre) 

oldest living person by Guinness World Recordsoldest living person by Guinness World Records

oldest living person by Guinness World Records

oldest living person by Guinness World Records

Advance program

kosai khedr  

arab got talent season 3

arab got talent season 3

First rapper Saudi, and one of the sponsors program Arab's Got Talent, Excellence in hip-hop, nicknamed myth, confuses folklore Hijazi rap American, went to America and returned to Saudi Arabia to collect what they have learned and Amzjh interconnected, covered his songs concerns and issues of youth; such as marriage and employment, etc., and confirmsin his conversations he looked forward to the representation in Hollywood cinema, and Qusay had met with opposition from his father before entering the field of rap, but its success made ​​the father of the most important of their fans.  

raya abirached  
arab got talent season 3

arab got talent season 3

Lebanese media began in the provision of technical programs during the years her university studies in London, and was chosen to provide the program "mbc with the Stars" which includes exclusive interviews with Hollywood stars, also starred in the provision of the first season of competitions famous "Arabs Got Talent" on the screen of MBC.

The "RIA" First Conversation Arab intervention backstage movie stars, music, and Western art, hence expanded its activities after receiving a master's degree in journalism visible in London; to include the preparation and presentation program "Scoop" in 2005, which the RIAA where Bmahorh stars West.

The considered Rhea program "Scoop" most important achievements Kmahorh especially.

ali jaber Judgment

arab got talent season 3

arab got talent season 3

Lebanese media, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University in Beirut in 1984, and a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in Britain.

  Lectures was cast in television production at the Lebanese American University from 1987 m to 1997 m.

  Is media advisor in the Executive Office of His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the founder and managing director of Future Television in the period from 1992 to 2003, and dean of the Mohammed bin Rashid Media at the American University in Dubai since 2008 until now.

  The brilliance Jaber during his time as one of the members of the jury in the Talent Arabs Got Talent.

Judgment nasser al kasabi

arab got talent season 3
arab got talent season 3

Date of Birth: November 28.

  Nasser graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture bronchial King Saud University.

Was beginning the actual theater university, and appeared real was in the play "Drifter" championship dual with "Rashid Shamrani", and is one of the artists with the Libyan wide in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and marked in recent years Ptqms for many of the characters that give rise to controversy.

The most important dramas involving "Dreams Salloum," and "Back Asoad," and "Abu Mhaab," and "his companions trail", and "began we sleep," and "Beginning of the End", and "palace" and the famous series "Tash Tash, "and" we are all children of the village ", which display on the screen
During the month of Ramad

Judgment najwa karam

arab got talent season 3

arab got talent season 3
Date of Birth: February 26.

  Lebanese singer nicknamed "sun Lebanese song." She started her school and then proceeded to sing in the eighties in 1985, and participated in the program "s Lebanon" and won the gold medal.

Launched her first album entitled "O Habayeb" in 1989, and met her second album "sun-rich" a great success in 1992.

Characterized Najwa strong mountain ballot, and limited to singing in the Lebanese dialect; been characterized from the rest of Lebanese artists who turned to singing Gulf and Egyptian Accent.

Arabs Got Talent 3

Arabs Got Talent
Every Friday at 21:00 KSA 18:00 GMT

Every Friday at 01:00 KSA 22:00 GMT
Every Thursday at 16:00 KSA 13:00 GMT

"Arabs Got Talent" 3  

arab got talent season 3
arab got talent season 3

Back program "Arabs Got Talent" in its second seaso
the Arab world in the research trip for talented Arabs, to be selected and only one gets the title, and Grand Prix program amounting to SR 500 thousand.
The first season of the program has achieved great success, and it was the most watched programs, at a time when Arab spring breezes blowing in Egypt and Tunisia, and won the Egyptian Amr Katamesh title.
The second season begins in April / April 2012 after months of preparation, research and travel, and to join in this season to the jury Saudi artist Nasser large cane, which resolves a substitute for Amr Adib media in the jury.
The jury, which includes sun Arabic song Najwa Karam, and media Big Ali Jaber, and bronchial, will have the task of evaluating thousands of talent involved, to move to the next phase of the program, and will be voted on those talents, and based on the vote to win the talent and one title.
Arabs Got Talent is the Arabic version of the program months in competitions world "America Got talent", launched by the MBC across the Middle East.
The different "Arabs Got Talent" talent from the rest of the programs, because it is not looking for singing talent, but is a comprehensive program that combines singing and all forms of public entertainment.
This program is not only sing and dance, but each skill one can do on the stage to entertain the audience, even if the talent some believe that no benefit. As shown in the "Got Talent" participants Komideon, and Clowns, singers, dancers, and orchestra musicians, opera singers, and circus players, and others competing for the grand prize.

And launched the first version of the program "America Got Talent" in the United States of America in 2006, and since then the program has spread in 32 other countries.
The program produced by "Fremantle Media," which has produced most popular talent programs in all parts of the world.
And like the rest of the talent programs around the world; looking program "Arabs Got Talent" for talent, and highlights the amateur from Bahrain in the east to Morocco in the far west, shall be granted the opportunity to all Arabs of all ages, whether individually or in a group, to participate in the program.

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